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Atle Sveen Jackal versus vultures

Beste autor 2019 var Atle Sveen. Bildet «Jackal versus vultures» fikk NSFF gold medal.

Bekkalokket fotoklubb inviterer til den internasjonale fotokonkurransen 3rd Fjord-Bergen Exhibition of Photographic Art 2020. Informasjon på engelsk følger:

Salon calendar

Closing Date: October 4
Judging: October 16–18
Notification: November 1
Exhibition: November 1–6
Awards sent: December 14


Four digital sections:

  • Color (PSA PID)
  • Monochrome (PSA PID)
  • Nature (PSA ND)
  • Travel (PSA PTD)

All acceptances will count for FIAP and PSA distinctions and for inclusion in PSA «Star Rating» and «Who’s Who». All acceptance eligibility shall be in accordance with the PID Star Ratings or the Galaxy/Diamond Ratings requirements as appropriate.


In each section there will be awarded:

  • PSA Gold, Silver, Bronze
  • FIAP Gold, Silver, Bronze
  • NFFF Gold, Silver, Bronze
  • NSFF Gold, Silver, Bronze
  • Bekkalokket Fotoklubb Gold, Silver, Bronze 6 FIAP Ribbons
  • 6 PSA Ribbons
  • 6 NFFF Honorable Mention
  • 6 NSFF Ribbons
  • 6 Bekkalokket Photoclub Ribbons

45 awards per section, a total of 180 awards.

Overall awards based on total results:

  • FIAP Blue Pin, Best author, highest number of acceptances
  • NSFF Cup, Best Norwegian author
  • NSFF Cup, Best Norwegian Club

Images, number, size

4 images maximum per section, total 16 images maximum. All images must be in JPG file format, the file size must be maximum 1920 pixels horizontal and 1080 pixels vertical and size should not exceed 2MB.

The images will be judged using full HD screen, 1920×1080 pixels.

Entry fee, payment and uploading of files

The entry fee is 30 € for participation in 1, 2, 3 or 4 sections. Payment by PayPal.

Online uploading of files.

Panel of judges

All sections:

  • Nils-Erik Jerlemar, Sweden. EFIAP/d3, GMPSA, HonENFFF, NSMiF/s
  • Roald Synnevåg, Norway. MFIAP, EFIAP/d1, ESFIAP, MPSA, HonENFFF, NSMiF/g, HonENSFF, ENSFF/p
  • Terje Kolbensen, Norway. EFIAP/s, PPSA, HonENSFF, ENSFF/s

For detailed rules, drone policies, definitions and more, see